EducationPerson Final Essay 2

Topics: Education, Learning, Frederick Douglass Pages: 5 (1369 words) Published: March 18, 2015
Nikitha Appani
Professor Jones
English 101
11 February 2015
Education Person
The important thing to know how to reading and writing for education process for narrative. The person must be learn for education experiment, an effective are the most influence and important for teaching. The teachers work with students with very different skill of their special education, Greek Schoolchildren on a Kylix, Hsun Tzu (Encouraging Learning), Frederick Douglass (Learning to Read), and Richard Feynman (O Americano Outra Vez). There was interested to learn so many different for education. It was very good teaching for them but they feel so eager to interest to learning, to reading, to writing and to listening. They must be learning on how to be good idea in the different of their thought.

The Greek Schoolchildren on a Kylix, was comes from a drinking cup, known as a kylix, that was used as a technique and state-of-the art “red-figure technique.” Ancient Greek Culture was history placed for a high value on the visual arts, were known about paint portraits and scenery on wood panels, interior walls, buildings, and statues. The paint portraits uses for dishes, cups, and glasses. The portraits were similar to Greek pottery. The difference between of the Sophists and two boys differs of their education, about the Greek Schoolchildren on a kylix. The Sophists was the image depicts an educational experience about the schools, the paid tutor for education children for their own design of the wealthy in schools. He was a famous Sophist Gorgias. The instructor needs to show up with the students, needs to teach, to learn, to study, to practice them. He can`t help for the students but for their own design. The students suggested to learn, carefree, and knowledge. The instructor was seated and holding a stick from the two boys. They are holding with a rolled-up and holding with other a writing tablet. The instructor did not notice that they appear to give him for due an honored and position of power to teacher. They must be to stand on the line to give him. That is why it was very important to their education. (5). Hsun Tzu wrote about his experiment for education in Encouraging Learning, “No sound is too faint to be heard, no action too well concealed to be known,” and “Do good and see if does not pile up. If it does, how can it fail to be heard of?” (11) It explains how to solve in the problem that when someone becomes stuck, fail, or lost. There was someone can`t talk each other that they can`t hear what they are converse or shout to anyone. Did they can hear from their feeling? If someone can`t to hear anything, but someone can hear very different how their feeling. To hearing from their feeling when it was out of the wind, blow, rain, freeze, water, or other. Someone can be good experiment what they know. When someone stands on the top of the mountain, he or she can shout to anyone at the place. If anyone can`t hear very farther but they can see there. They use hold the flag stick, he or she puts it in the hole when someone can see or find the flag. That is good idea that they can feel, to see, to hear but no sound, or very different sound from their feeling. Frederick Douglass (Learning to Read), he was born into slavery. He finally succeeded to learn on how to read or wrote, and he wrote everything all about his slavery and his education. He wrote that he succeeded in learning to read and write, compelled to resort to various stratagems, and no regular teacher. It was no teaching for children. If he was no learn to reading or writing and he has no teacher to teaching to him. His father was a white man, Captain Anthony. He moved around times as a slave. His family, Master`s wife did teach him for something to learn how to reading and writing. When her husband found out and told her stop that Douglass was not allowed to be instructed or any part of reading or writing. The education and slavery must be teaching to each other. If...
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