Interview with a Teaching Professional - Essay

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Interview with a Teaching Professional
Ginny Lyn Hutnik AED/201 Breeanna Becker Oct 2, 2011

I did an interview with a second grade teacher this week and decisions that she had to make. When I was asking her some of the question it was hard for her to answer because she thought she didn’t have any decisions she had to make. It was like it was so easy for her to do everything. So one of the questions I had to ask what are some examples of typical, quick decisions she had to make on a daily basis. She had a confused face and she had to think hard and she told me extra time on skills and the students behavior if they got into trouble they had to go to the office. The second one I asked her was what were five most difficult school-related decisions that she had to make this week and what made them difficult. The first one was students find out which students needs there RTI. Find out want they need to work on and want was there level they were at. RTI is Response to Intervention. It’s a program they have at the school to help students that cannot learn fast and having trouble understands their work. Then she had to think about some more and then she said finding time for differentiated Instruction and getting materials together. Some times its very hard to get everything that you need for the class to teaching and make sure you have everything and don’t forget anything when you have the students in the classroom she said sometimes she haves to do it when she takes the students to P.E. when she haves to start a new science curriculum-getting all the materials and the reviewing for the lessons can be hard to if she don’t have want she needs too. When she haves to find time to plan a lesion she haves to do that when the students go to lunch or...
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