Essay On Humanization And Dehumanization

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The importance of reading has been addressed by many and in particular ways. The practice of teaching is a political practice which shows the impact of reading. Reading bases on extending the knowledge of the world mainly. Reading makes one familiar with the words, the texts, and the letters. This is because the context is always incarnated in a series of things, objects and the signs. A person can easily learn how to use the words, objects, and signs if they are always around people that always use these items. Parents are the people that contribute to the ability of the child to develop reading skills. Again, a child can easily understand the next world that they are currently in by reading and the response that they get from their parents (Freire & Slover, 1983).
The problem of humanization has always been a problem to much humankind, and it takes the appeal of an unavoidable concern. Being concerned about humanization makes one know dehumanization not only as a possibility but also as a historical reality (Freire, 2000). People tend to ask whether humanization is a practical choice. Humanization and dehumanization can be termed as possibilities that can take place in a person and they are always uncompleted as being aware of their incompletion. Dehumanization marks those whose mortality has been stolen and those that are involved in the stealing of this act. It can be said to be a distortion since it is more fully human and sooner or later it changes to be less human. This leads the oppressed to have the idea of struggling against those that have already made it (Freire, 2000).
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