Educational Years and Grade Level

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Plan Do Study Act (PDSA): The Deming Cycle
Janell Collins
Grand Canyon
EDA 577

March 4, 2012

Plan- Do- Study-Act (PDSA): The Deming Cycle
At Park Elementary, a variety of assessments are used to evaluate the performance of the students. A DIEBELS Assessment is used to evaluate our students’ performance in reading for grades kindergarten thru fourth. The test is administered three times a year including the months of September, January, and May. The teachers analyze and use the results of the DIEBELS testing to place students in three different reading groups during reading instruction. The groups are divided by using a color coding system of red, yellow, and blue. Students are placed in the blue group (mastery) if they are advanced in reading, yellow (strategic) if they are on grade level, and red (intensive) if they are below grade level in reading and need intensive reading instruction. Teachers are required to differentiate instruction during the time that students are divided into the three “flexible” groups. Benchmarks scores, Unit testing scores, and results from LEAP and ILEAP scores are utilized to evaluate the performance in the upper grades. These scores are also used in order to determine group placement and provide differentiated instruction in reading for upper grade levels as well. In addition, differentiated instruction is determined in all grade levels for math by students’ weekly test grades, benchmark scores, and in the upper grade levels, ILEAP and LEAP scores are used to determine placement of students in groups and to provide differentiated instruction. The data from all of the assessment tools are analyzed and used for school improvement by providing us with a guide or map to show us which skills or subjects we are mastering and which skills we need improvement on. It also allows us to analyze our data to determine how we will differentiate instruction to meet the

References: Louisiana Office of Education, Office of Standards, Assessments and Accountability Division of Assessments and Accountability (2011). Spring 2011 ILEAP criterion reference test school performance report (023). Retrieved from Baton Rouge website: http://doe.louisianna Department of Education Park Elementary School Improvement Plan 2011

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