Eden Project

Topics: Strategic planning, Strategic management, Cornwall Pages: 24 (8048 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Step 1: identifying the main problems or questions4
1.1.Summary of Eden Project4
1.2. Problem Statement and main problems5
1.3. Description of the strategy development of the Eden Project5
Step 2: gathering the facts7
2.1. Analysis of Eden’s strategic capability7
2.1.1. Strategic capabilities and competitive advantage7
2.1.2. Kay’s distinctive capabilities8
2.2. Analysis of Eden Project’s environment9
2.2.1. The PESTEL framework10
2.2.2. The industry life-cycle10
2.2.3. Market segments11
2.2.4. SWOT analysis11
2.3. Analysis of Eden’s Project strategic purpose12
Step 3: alternative courses of Action16
3.1. Five possible alternative courses of action16
3.2. Evaluation of the 5 alternative courses of action16
3.3. Advantages and disadvantages of each alternative course of action18
Step 4: Decision and reasoning20
Step 5: Implementation plan22
Reference list26


This report is about the Eden Project, which is a tourist attraction in Cornwall, the South-West of England. Founded by Tim Smith and owned by the charity organization Eden Trust, the Project was opened in 2001. The Eden Project is situated at a former clay pit, which is now transformed into a flourish garden. The Project consists of several biomes, which houses many plants from different climate regions. Furthermore, the Eden Project takes care of events and educational programs, in order to create a sustainable awareness amongst visitors. The main aim of the Project is to educate the visitors about the importance of the planet so that sustainability becomes a visible item to them, while supporting the local region.

The report consists of several analyses, which aim to investigate the developed strategic position of the Eden Project. Moreover, the report will highlight necessary changes of Eden Project´s strategic position in order to sustain successful and unique. Therefore, the report starts with formulating different problems that can be noticed in the Eden Project. Different analyses are conducted, with the purpose of investigating and solving the problems of the Eden Project. After the analysis, some possible courses of action will be explained and two will be explained in more detail. At the end, an implementation plan will be drawn, which can be used to implement the two identified action steps.

Step 1: identifying the main problems or questions

1.1. Summary of Eden Project
The Eden Project is situated in Cornwall, England was founded by Tim Smith in 1995. The first opening was in 2001 and it is now a big tourist attraction in the south-west of England. The intention of Eden Project is to improve the knowledge and awareness of their visitors, in terms of sustainability. Their aim is to entertain the visitors and educate them with a real live example of sustainability. They tried to improve this awareness by creative and innovative ideas in the way of architecture, science and technology, horticulture, art and construction. And their vision was and still is to create social consciences and sustainable awareness (The Eden Project, 2010). In the first year that the Eden Project was opened, 1.7 million people visited the site. This was a big success for Eden Project, as well as for the local economy. In December 2001 a journal of the Eden Project was presented, which stated that £111 million was spend additional in the South West of England. This boost of economy became known as the “Eden Effect” (The Eden Project, 2010). In the next few years the Eden Project stayed successful and concentrated on the small problems that appeared in 2001 for example by improving visitor services. They also started to host special events and called them 'Eden sessions'. Furthermore the Eden Project continued in building new innovative buildings like “The Edge” and “The Core” to educate their visitors in a unique way (The Eden Project, 2010)....
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