Carbon Tax

Topics: Citation, Sustainability, Bibliography Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: September 7, 2011
3203HSL Tourism Economics - Research Paper

* Research Report weighting = 25% of the total marks for this course

General Instructions

* This exercise will be completed individually.
* You will be required to prepare a 1,500 word (± 10%) research report

Research Topic
The introduction of a carbon tax in Australia would have implications for economic and environmental sustainability. Obviously in the longer term the aim of the tax is to promote environmental sustainability but in the short term there will be implications for economic sustainability for a range of businesses and households. Using a range of current sources including reports and newspaper articles discuss the short and longer term implications of a carbon tax for the tourism and hospitality sector.

* Students are required to conduct a review of relevant reports and articles about the rationale for introducing a carbon tax i.e. the environmental issues prompting the introduction and the economic impacts this will have * Students should discuss how the predictions about economic impacts were made (at a level commensurate with class discussions) and the economic theory that underpins this * Students are required to discuss the implications of the introduction of the carbon tax for the tourism and hospitality industry and its consumers in the short and longer term * Students are required to accurately cite (using APA style) an appropriate range of material * Students are expected to present their report in a professional and consistent manner

COURSE TITLE: Tourism Economics
LEARNING GOAL: 2. Develop the knowledge and values for operating responsibly in a business context LEARNING OBJECTIVE:2.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of sustainability (economic, ethical, community, legal and environmental) in specialised industry (Tourism, Hotel, Sport or Event) RUBRIC TITLE: Responsible, effective citizenship...
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