Gardens By The Bay: Sustainability And Conservation Report

Topics: World energy resources and consumption, Photovoltaics, Renewable energy, Nuclear power, Solar cell, Natural gas / Pages: 6 (1358 words) / Published: Dec 23rd, 2015
The facility I have been assigned is the popular tourist destination, Gardens by the Bay, and in this report I will be researching on and discussing the motivations for environmental concerns and actions, as well as the sustainability efforts of Gardens by the Bay, based on my visit there.
Sustainability and Conservation
One of Gardens by the Bay main principles is environmental sustainability. Sustainability is defined as the ability of a system to maintain its own viability over an extended period of time. The attraction underwent lots of careful planning before designing for sustainable cycles in energy and water throughout the Gardens.
Minimizing solar heat gain
Garden by the Bay’s two huge conservatories, the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest,
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Only the lower levels are cooled, meaning that the total volume of air to be cooled becomes lesser. The ground is cooled by the chilled water pipes on the floor, and since cool air sinks and hot air rises, the cool air remains at the lower levels while the hot air rises to the higher levels and eventually leaves the …show more content…
They actually have important roles to play in terms of the sustainability efforts made by Gardens by the Bay, and are embedded with sustainable energy and water technologies. One such role is the collection of rainwater. The 16-storey tall Supertrees actually have funnel-shaped rainwater collection tanks on each one of them, collecting and storing rainwater for a number of important purposes, such as irrigation for the plants in the Gardens, using the water for the pretty fountain displays on show, and also operating as temperature moderators, using the water to help cool the Supertrees area and the conservatories. This is also a real-life example of how trees actually ‘collect’ rainwater and aid in the formation of clouds and rain.
Harnessing Solar Energy
Another key role played by the Supertrees is the harnessing of solar energy from the sun. After asking the staff there, I found out that 11 of the 18 Supertrees have solar photovoltaic systems on them, converting sunlight into energy and generating electricity for several uses such as illuminating the garden and the conservatories every night. Similarly, this is also a real-life example of how trees absorb sunlight and photosynthesize to provide food and energy.

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