Topics: Natural environment, Rainforest, Environmentalism Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: December 31, 2014
When the industrial revolution first came, people did not pay much attention to its effects on the environment, for in the early stages, the damages were not apparent. The fact that industrial activity immensely benefited people resulted in worldwide rapid growth of industries. However, the more the industries spread, the more nature suffered. People eventually became aware that not only did manufacturing factories cause air, water, and land pollution, but they also destroyed natural resources. Once the environmental damages had become more obvious, the issues could not be neglected any longer. The environmental concerns have now received attention from all segments of human society. Numerous treaties, laws and regulations have been enacted in order to maintain the environment and natural resources.

Before taking this module, like people living in the early period of the industrial revolution, I did not put my thoughts on the environmental issues or sustainability as much as I should have, for I failed to see how they would affect my life. For all my life, I have always been a city girl. I grew up in a metropolitan area in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, surrounded by shopping malls, cinemas, entertainment centers, and big buildings. Modern technology and internet have always been a part of me. I cannot imagine myself without my phone or internet. In spite of being a city girl, ever since I was a child, I have always enjoyed visiting natural attractions, particularly beaches and mountains. I have visited natural places for numerous times, but they were all for vacation purposes. Sustainability did not particularly interest me. When I was younger, like everybody, I was constantly taught to be aware of these problems. In school, almost every year, I was taught about the subject matter. Besides in school, it is also constantly mentioned in the media, regardless of types. On television in my country, there are occasionally...
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