East of Eden

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East of Eden
So today,we will discuss: 1)How to identify Rhetorical Strategies 2)What to write once you have found them
(use a direct quote from the passage to support this claim)
Do not spend 20 min on into and Paragraph 1 and then leave no time for the end of the essay Try to include some higher level vocab, and use at least one simple, declaritive sentence for effort no YOU are the one who is sickening me with your unbelievable ignorance... Are you just blind or stupid? I mean even if there are dead children ...why not further investigate you IDIOT!? If your daughter was killed and its not clear who the murderer was then what you just stop searching for information? There are so many things that just dont fit in this event and you just discredit all of it by saying "There are children dead..." You should be ashamed of yourself you TV brainwashed SHEEP The imagery with the obama pics are amazing!!! great job on that! i want to believe it all really happened only because who on earth would really use children in this manner? I went to a vigil for dead children who may not even be dead? thats more disgusting than what the story is supposed to be! A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a sa dheyedfajkfj adjas jjwjdd aljkdjskn hey guys whats up whgre u going out tonight because I like to eat when I am nto huhe rj
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