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Economic Trends
in Enterprise Search

Pierre-Jean Benghozi and Cécile Chamaret
Ramón Compañó


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This report contributes to the work being carried out by IPTS on the potential of Search. It is part of CHORUS+, an initiative supported by the Directorate General Information Society and Media. Information about CHORUS+ is available at The CHORUS+ team would like to thank Mrs. Loretta Anania (DG INFSO) for her continuous support.

This study was performed by Pierre-Jean Benghozi and Cécile Chamaret from the École Polytechnique, CNRS, ARMINES (Association pour la Recherche et le Développement des Méthodes et Processus Industries). Ramón Compañó guided the research and edited this report.

Economic Trends in Enterprise Search Solutions


The report would not have been as rich without the contributions of many well-known experts and the industry respresentatives who kindly gave their time. Special thanks go to those from Whatever and Exalead. We would also like to thank our IPTS colleagues Patricia Farrer and Stavri Nikolov for revising the report.







been categorized by their turnover and product

information within organizations. This data can

range in order to understand their role in market

be proprietary and public, and access to it may be

dynamics. We find that the nine most influential

restricted or not. Enterprise search solutions render

actors control 84% of the ESS market. Though

business processes more efficient particularly in

many other dynamic ESS providers are active in

data-intensive companies. This technology is key

niche markets; they have tiny market shares. This

to increasing the competitiveness of the digital

degree of concentration is unusually high and

economy; thus it constitutes a strategic market

contrasts with markets for other software-based

for the European Union. The Enterprise Search

industries. We can therefore say that competitive

Solution (ESS) market was worth close to 1,100

structure resembles an oligopoly with a ‘broad

million USD (approximately 831 million EUR) in

fringe’ of smaller players.

Economic Trends in Enterprise Search Solutions

Executive Summary

2008 and is expected to grow quicker than the
overall market for information and knowledge

This oligopoly–fringe structure has two

management systems (Gartner 2009). Optimistic

interesting assets. First, it favours innovation in


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