Economic Consequences of Aids/Hiv

Topics: Economics, Infant mortality, Infant Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Economic Consequences Of AIDS/HIV
Affects on economically active people:
Will not be able to work
Women are the main tillers of soil as well as the main cares when family members become ill •When patients are in hospital it is common for woman to take care of them, bath them and feed them so pressure is caused not just by the financial burden of hospital care but by the time lost of tending land

Impacts on Sexually active:

Impacts on sexually active people is that they will not be able to go to school or work and will be a burden to society and the disease will transfer to the children and infant mortality rates will increase. •The epidemic is already affecting life expectancy through increased mortality of both infants (caused by mother to child transmission of the virus) and sexually active people. The affects on agriculture is that if 1 person has aids/hic in a farmers family then 1 person will have to take care of him/her and crop production for that year will be greatly reduced. For instance supposing the Dad dies in the family he will not be able to teach his children the basic skills needed to farm and harvest successfully. The economic consequences on a countries wealth:

Epidemic will divert public spending from investments in physical and human development. Leading over time to a slower gross domestic product because most spending will be HIV/AIDs expenditure . If children and education suffer as a result prospects for longer economic growth and development will decline •Foreign investment will be reversed thus reducing GDP

Economic consequences of hiv/aids on buisness is that it will reduce labor activity and will result in increased absenteeism and companies will have to raise employee benefits. Manufacturing companies will be worst affected and have negative impact on profits •The economic consequences of HIV/health care is that most of the government will be spending be diverted to HIV/AIDS so the government may not have...
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