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Biography of Jeffrey Smart -

Frank Jeffrey Edson Smart born 1921,

Jeffrey Smart was born in Adelaide South Australia in 1921,

In 1939 Jeffrey Smart attended the South Australian School of Arts & Crafts; his last year was 1941, a time where the world was heading for interesting times ahead.

Jeffrey Smart travelled and studied in Europe from 1948-1950.

Jeffrey Smart was awarded the Commonwealth Jubilee Art Prize In 1951.

Jeffrey Smart was writing for the Daily Telegraph news paper as an art critic.

Jeffrey Smart was involved in making the Australian ABC radio and television program the "Argonauts".

Jeffrey also played a roll in the program under the pseudonym "Phidias".

Living in Italy since 1963 Jeffery Smart has still been able to regularly exhibit his fine art works in Australia.

An Honorary Doctorate was awarded to Jeffrey Smart in 1999 from the University of Sydney.

Jeffrey Smart has held over 50 solo exhibitions, a "Retrospective" of his works was held by the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1999.

In 2001 Jeffrey held concurrent exhibitions in Brisbane and Sydney; at Phillip Bacon Galleries and at Australian Galleries. The Brisbane exhibition was of his most recent work and the Sydney exhibition was of his drawings and studies from 1942 through to 2001.

Jeffrey's work is also included in the collections of the Australian National University, Canberra and Sydney University. Internationally his work is housed in Italy in the Carlo Boatti Collection Milan, and the Thyssen Bornemesza collection Lugano. In America his work hangs in Yale University, New Haven and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Etching House and Jeffrey Smart Art -

It has been the objective of Etching House to take the archive of work of Frank Jeffrey Edson Smart and share it with the Australian public as has Etching Hose successfully done with Norman Lindsay, the archive of affordable work will see the future of Jeffrey Smart and Norman Lindsay works being enjoyed by future generations to come, Etching House is proud to have the privilege of doing this with the beautiful fine art by these iconic Australian artists.

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These works are limited edition Fine Art quality digital reproduction images of his original painting works- The edition is printed on very high quality rag paper using pigment archival ink; all of the Jeffrey Smart series are digitally signed & blind embossed with the Artist's estate, all works are under copyright to Jeffrey Smart and come with a certificate of authenticity upon request.

These iconic and stunning images make a wonderful enjoyable collectors piece, the works are vibrant and striking in real life, as the internet doesn't do justice to the quality of work shown in this collection.

Jeffrey Smart affordable Art starting from $520. Etching House has available a complete range of Jeffery Smart Fine Art Limited reproduction edition images of his original paintings.

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Fine Art, Etchings and Prints by Jeffrey Smart at Weekend Australian Affordable Art Show Sydney November 2010, Etching House Stand A10. Affordable Art Show April 2011, Melbourne.

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