Margaret Olley and Her Works of Arts

Topics: History of painting, Still life, Sculpture Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: October 6, 2008
Margaret Olley and Her Works of Arts
Margaret Olley is considered to be one of the most prized still and interior painters in Australia and born in Lismore in 1923. The exquisite arrangement of fruits, flower, and objects can seduce her viewer with her inherent grace and technical virtuosity. Her subject is her own home which is elegant. Her painting are also casually appended because it is not difficult to image just like the his famous figs and glassware who’s subjects are simply the fig fruit and the glassware which can easily be recognized and considered to be her still life elements. Her other set of common subjects in her other arts is table covered with tangerines and gourds, a Turkish pot, jars, and flowers, as well as raspberries (Eva Breuer Art Dealer, 2008).

Olley used the traditional way of still life painting that uses the painting which is made of oil and the subject matter which use the fruits, vase flowers and glassware. The composition had been done with the realistic color, has the three dimensions tones, realistic, life-like and representational object and her depth is used in creating the painting for the 3 dimensionality. The tonality of her painting also has the average uniform and sunlight as well as the metallic colors. These factors only signify that the work of art of Olley is keeping its traditional still life painting (Griffit, 2006).

In the composition of Olley, her genres and subject matter had been developed by the traditional way of still life painting and has the realism style of painting. This has the goal of portraying the form of natural world as the figs and the glassware in great representational manner. This style of the 19th century has fostered the ideas in everyday life, people, events and subject which are worthy for it (Ask Art, 2008).

Tony Cragg and his Art
Tony Craggs is British sculptor and acclaimed artists during his generation. His sculptures are organized and group in accordance to material used as the...

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