Easy Jet E-Marketing

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Easy Jet E-Marketing

Management Summary
This is a report about the e-marketing management of the easyJet airline which is one of the airlines which has embraced the concept of online bookings. Under this arrangement, the company has been able to cut a portion of the market and its customer base has been rising since it started online bookings in 1998. The company has been able to commence other service and integrate them with its websites such that customers have more access to various services through one search engine. This has helped the company to grow and diversify its range of product. EasyJet was founded by Sir Stelios Haji-loannou in 1995 as a family business. Up to date, the family remains a major shareholder in the airline which is now referred as easyJet PLC. The founder also owns a group of other companies which own the brand name easy although there is not cross-shareholding between the easyJet and other easyGroup which is the licensee company. Although the group operates separately, there are some cross marketing agreement that are shared between the airline and the other groups. The airline operates from Hangar 89 at Luton Airport. But contrary to other airline which have their headquarter reflecting their status in the market easy Jet has a simple headquarter which is a bright orange building which represent it low-cost ethos. Since April 1998, the company became some of the airlines which embrace the use of internet in selling it seats. Currently it is estimated that 95% of all the seats in the company are sold over the internet which has made one of the leading internet retailer in the European market. Marketing can be defined as a management process that is responsible for identify and satisfying what the customer requires which is done for a profit. There have been many ways in which marketing has been carried out but the news strategies have been through the use of e-tools like the internet. It has been used to do research on to know what exactly does customer needs. It has as also been able to anticipate the demands for digital service and therefore have a good resource allocation. E-tools have helped to satisfy customer demands as they find a range of products at on location. The use of information and communication technology to achieve the above objective of market is referred to as e-marketing or digital marketing. Background

EasyJet was has been one of the most successful airline in the world. The company was founded by Stelio Haje-Ionnou who was a son of a Greek shipping tycoon. This company was set up in 1994. it as set up as a low cost airline which was looking to undercut other traditional carriers like British Airways in order to have a lean operation. In order to come up with such an operation, the founder had decided on single sales channel to survive in the market and therefore he settled on the phone as the most appropriate. This was considered a ground breaking but the founder insisted on having direct selling methods to the consumers. Although he had refuted the user of the internet at that time he kept a close eye when the trials for the sites were going on. What ensued was as stead rise in calls that were being made per week and quickly the company grew oft of space to handle the customers. Therefore the owner decided it was either the company decides to sell over the internet or build a new call centre. This turned to be a success story of e-marketing of the company. (Miles 2006, P. 2) Company Overview

It has been recorded that easyJet is one of the most refuted British tour operators which has been successful in cutting a niche on the market. It has been able to cut competitive price edge which has been attributed to strict management of the cost by bypassing intermediary agencies that increased the cost of management. The company has also been able to successfully use non-saturated airports which have been on of its cost cutting measure that it has taken. The company has...

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