Early Childhood Influences Your Outcome in Life

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Early Childhood Influences Your Outcome In Life

In the early years of your childhood, is the time when you learn most of your traits that will make you who you are for the rest of your life. Whether your parents held you enough when you are a child can determine if you are successful in life, or if you drop out of high school and start beating your wife and kids. If you teach your kids when they are little to tie their shoes or to spell their name than they are more likely to like school, your culture can determine whether they do well in school or if they don’t understand from the beginning. Some researchers say that if you have a good parent that loves you, spends time with you, or well if they really just help you out while you are a child your child has a better chance at doing well at school because they aren’t starting so far behind. If you have a low economic standing than child usually just fall back into the gangs, or drugs because they don’t have the support to stop and get out. Your outcome in life almost always stems from how you are treated as a child.

When you start school you are thrown into a mix of people, some can read already and write while others don’t even know their name. If you start kindergarten and you are already so far behind than it’s hard to catch back up. If the child wasn’t shown their numbers before because their parents didn’t help them very much while they were growing up. If as a parent you isolate your children by not educating them or leaving them by themselves while doing homework than they’re going to have a hard time trying to figure out what to do, and they know that their parents aren’t there to check in on the homework. Michael Thompson, Ph.D. "A parent may be working out of the home, or need to be working in the home and cooking dinner. So if you are home, stay close, and if you are not there, have another adult check to make sure it's going OK. And remember that all homework is not equal, so not everything will need your rapt attention." Research says that you need to have some interaction while the child is doing their homework. Whenever you send the children away to school yes they are away but you need to help and stay informed because it isn’t always the students fault that they are getting in trouble maybe they just don’t understand something or the teacher isn’t explaining it the way they need to learn it. As a parent you need to help your children out because it will affect their outcome in life, because if every time they try and ask a question and the teacher yells at them obviously they aren’t going to ask; but if as a parent they stay informed with the teacher than the parent can help on the home end too.

Socioeconomic standing is very important to how a child will develop. In low socioeconomic areas there is very poor education, low parental control, and a high gang/violence rate. If you are brought up with only knowing the life of the streets you have a higher percentage of staying there. This is because you are “born into it”, if you have the ability to go to a high achieving school get good grades and have peers that do the same then obviously you are going to do better. For an example I inserted the graph above if you are born into a higher-class family you are more than likely going to stay there, but if you are born into a lower class family you are more likely to stay there (graph found on You’re Born Into It America sited in the bibliography). There is the example of gang violence, which is an element that thrives in the lower class; it gives power, brotherhood, family and money. Gangs are a large part of what hold some of the brightest people back. In California alone males ranging from 7th-12th grade 50.9% of males were associated with gangs; that was in 2010. Living in a socioeconomically depressed neighborhood makes it hard enough to get out and make it on your own but the fact that there are gangs influencing these minors left and right make...

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