Unit 022 Child Care

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Unit 022 Understand Child and Young Person Development

Outcome 2

(1 - a,b,c,d)
Children and young peoples development can be influenced by a range of personal factors. If a child has a disability it may prevent the child from developing in one or more areas, they may feel excluded and maybe have not got enough support to promote development. If a child has learning difficulties they will struggle to develop as it may take them longer to understand different things. A child’s health can also be a major factor of their development, they need the correct diet, may be stressed of their home living conditions can also affect their development. Sensory impairment can also affect children as they may not be able to afford the resources they need to promote development such as glasses.

Children and young peoples development can be influenced by a range of external factors. Poverty and deprivation can affect a child’s development as they mightn’t be getting the same resources as another child as they cant afford them. Children now a days play on play stations and other computing games and the children in the less well off families cant afford these toys and the child may start to feel left out and deprived and excluded from other boys and girls who can afford these toys. Family environment and background of the child is another factor, if the child has a family that may be going through a break up or a single parent family may affect their development and also the childs background, if they have seen other family members not doing well in school or with friends they may think this is what is supposed to happen. A child needs to make personal choices but if they make the wrong one depending on friends and family they may affect their own development. Education will impact on a childs development, if the child is getting extra curricular activities and getting good education they are promoting their development.

3 (d,f)
The theories of development such as social learning by one theorist called Albert Bandura states that children learn by observing the main people in their life, how they behave and the child will imitate them. A child will repeat the behaviours they have seen if it is awarded with attention or praise. The people a child will copy would be parents/carers/siblings or friends. Another theory of behavioural developmet by B.F Skinner states that if the main carers in a childs life implemented behavioural modifications, the children would learn the correct way to behave. In child care settings staff promote this by praising and rewarding good behaviours and giving time out and no attention to naughty behaviour. But this will only work if it is followed through at the childs home as well. Social pedagogy is how the children in my setting learn and develop their skills. They can have free play with their friends outside on the play trails or playing football or cricket. Inside the children can sit down and play monopoly that anybody can join in if they like therefore there is no child feeling pressurised into playing but can watch and learn how to play.

Outcome 3

(1,) in my setting we monitor childrens development by using different methods such as assessments and observations. Here I would look at the childs record which will tell me their academic attainment or intellectual development. If we have a concern for a childs development we will be very observant of this child and make a record of anything we feel relevant or important and let my boss know who will then speak to the childs parents/carers. We compare these findings against the expected norms and milestones for the childs age and using feedback from the parents if there has been any concerns from home, and my boss and the family will take further action if needed. We observe the children in both watching them but talking to them and listening to anything they want to talk about.

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