Duke Supplement

Topics: Primary school, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 1 (142 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Duke Supplement

As a child, I always had a fascination with how things worked and how I could turn random items into functional systems. Take Legos for example. Throughout Elementary School, my bedroom floor was scattered with thousands of plastic blocks, with half finished constructions, many of which were my original masterpieces, laying around in disarray. My will to construct original things has followed me to this day, and I want to learn how I can expand my knowledge and technical abilities to help create something that will a serve a purpose to humankind. For this reason, I want to study at the Pratt School of Engineering. Having toured the facility, I was amazed at the vast amount of resources and knowledge that I would have at my disposal. Pratt would be the perfect place for me to spend my college experience.
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