DUI Or DWI Offenders Should Not Be Imprisoned On Their 1st Offence

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Driving under the influence, Drunk driving Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: February 3, 2015

DUI or DWI offenders should not be imprisoned on their 1st offence depending on the circumstance. Drunk driving is an offense that should be taken seriously. A lot of people drink and it is possible for them to make a mistake once and sometimes they make poor judgments. If it’s not their first DUI then they should be punish for their carelessness. The law states that when you’re caught driving under the influence, you will serve time in jail for about 6 months. This law is making jails/prisons overcrowded by putting people that shouldn’t necessarily be there. In my opinion I feel that all 1st offenders should pay a fine and put on probation. Also they should be mandated to go to DWI classes, where they can learn more about what really happens when you drink and drive, they can have their license restricted, or even have their car taken away from them for 6 months. The only time drunk drivers should be imprisoned is if someone is hurt badly or killed due to their behavior. Anyone who drink and drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs should stop and think before they go behind the wheel of a vehicle. If they don’t do so they are putting their life at risk as well as other individuals at risk. Sometimes when DUI happens it involves individuals who are first time drivers, who are more likely to be distracted. Whenever someone drinks and drives it is a possibility that their brain does not function efficiently and it can lead to accidents and injury to other people. In 2008 there was an accident by a drunk driver that resulted in the death of a limousine driver and two of its passenger who were coming from a wedding, one of the passengers was a little girl who was killed. The driver in the other vehicle was driving in the wrong direction, due to him being impaired from a night of partying and drinking. The driver lost his life because he was going above the speed limit, he was unable to stop and or make any proper decisions. People...
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