Due Care Theory

Topics: Consumer protection, Ethics, Marketing Pages: 10 (3059 words) Published: August 24, 2013
The Ethics in the Product Marketing#
Štefan Majtán* - Gabriela Dubcová.**
Everyday situations persuade us about very flexible applying of the newest scientific and technical achievements in the praxis of product marketing. All the more the product marketing represents an integration of technical, humanities and social sciences at opened European Union market. On this basis there arise many problems in the area of ethics, most of all in a situation when a producer or a seller do not take into account the ethics dimension but only a financial dimension of the product, either purposefully or subconsciously. In our article we can solve following topics: • Important theoretical principles of the product marketing and product marketing ethics • Related problems and determination of the marketing ethics and product marketing ethics • Most visible and actual ethics problems in the area of product marketing Identification of adequate customer protection in the European Union and in the • Slovak Republic consequently.

1. The Theory “Due Care” to Customers
At the beginning it is important to describe the basic principles of the known theory due care to customers. Its fundamental content is responses to question - Exactly what do companies and organizations owe their customers? [1] Due care theory involves: a. Design - products and services should meet all governmental regulations and specifications and be safe under all foreseeable conditions, including misuse by the consumer b. Materials – materials should meet governmental regulations and durable enough to withstand reasonable use c. Production – products should be made without defects d. Quality control – products should be inspected regularly for quality e. Packaging, labelling and warnings – products should be safely packaged, should include clear, easily understood directions for use, and should include a clear description of any hazards f. Notification – manufacturers should have a system in place to recalls products that prove to be dangerous at some time after manufacture and distribution.

Article is processed as one of outputs of the research projects VEGA No. 1/4579/07 “Diagnostic of Value Relations and Market Activities in an Enterprise” and No. 1/3828/06 “NGOs – Integral Part of Economic System of the Country”. (Projects registered with the Grant Agency in the Slovak Republic). * Prof. Ing. Štefan Majtán, PhD., professor; University of Economics in Bratislava, Dolnozemska cesta 1/b, 85235 Bratislava 5, Slovak Republic, majtan@dec.euba.sk ** Ing. Mgr. Gabriela Dubcová, PhD., fellow; University of Economics in Bratislava, Dolnozemska cesta 1/b, 85235 Bratislava 5, Slovak Republic, gdubcova@dec.euba.sk


2. Attributes of the Product Quality
The definition of product quality used here is: the degree to which product performance meets predetermined expectation with respect to reliability, service life, maintainability and safety: a. Reliability: Claims of reliability refer to the probability that a product will function as the consumer is led to expect that it will function. If a product incorporates a number of interdependent components, then the probability that it will function properly is equal to result of multiplying together each component’s probability of proper functioning. This is especially the case when malfunction poses health or safety hazards. b. Service life: Claims concerning the life of a product refer to the period of time during which the product will function as effectively as the consumer is led to expect it to function. The consumer implicitly understands that service life will depend on the amount of wear and tear to which one subjects the product. Consumers also base some of their expectations of service life on the explicit guarantees the manufacturer attaches to the product. c. Maintainability: Claims of maintainability are claims concerning the ease with the product can be repaired and kept in operating conditions....
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