Dubai City 2

Topics: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Burj Khalifa Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: March 12, 2015
Tay Curry
Professor Watjen
English 0989
March 9, 2015
Dubai City is the perfect vacation spot for anyone to have an exciting time with their families to experience Dubai’s fascinating culture and sightseeing wonders. Dubai is a fun and frivolous playground on the Persian Gulf, but do not consider it the Vegas of the Middle East. A trip to Dubai transports you on a journey through time with its’ futuristic buildings and exotic scenery to impress and attract more people to come. Dubai has fascinating tourist attractions for people who come to visit or spend more time to knowledge how great the City of Dubai is. For example, the Ibn Battuta Mall, it has 21 screen cinemas Megaplex to create an environment that is appealing to all who visit, and offering the community a home away from home. Also, combines retail, entertainment, restaurants and family activities within a uniquely themed environment that is designed to reflect the unique combination of the various heritages and Dubai’s lifestyle. Indeed, every shopper to the Mall becomes an explorer simply because every visit is an adventure. Lastly, come visit the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Coming here you will be dazzled with its’ beautiful view. This building holds the record of the tallest freestanding structure, highest number of stories, and highest outdoor observation deck in the world. Dubai is the perfect spot for anyone. Dubai’s cultural perspective and events will fascinate travelers and tourist. Events like the International Plants Expo, where you get to see all the gorgeous types of plants and flowers. In addition, Dubai’s Shopping Festivals, people around the world come and shop at their best to get thousands of prizes; many overwhelming and life-changing moments happen during this event. Their culture is more for the wealthy and for partygoers where they can splash into the city’s expensive bars, restaurants, and clubs. Alcohol is not forbidden in Dubai, as long as it is...
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