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CTLLS/DTLLS Assignment Sheet

Assignment 1
Using an extract from your learning journals, write and reflect on: a) How your feedback has informed your learners’ progress and achievement; and b) How feedback from others has informed your own professional practice.

Assignment 1a)
The first step in giving valid feedback is to refer back to the key learning objectives identified at the start of the course, assignment, Unit or lesson. I give feedback on a one to one basis with my learners. I ask my learners how they feel about these objectives now that we are some way through the course. My learners overall, are very positive and most feel that they have achieved certain objectives such as working in a salon environment, with clients and being Salon Manager, much of which was daunting to them at the start. I agreed and was able to reinforce this, giving examples of work that had demonstrated their new skills, as well as happy clients who had left the Salon! I then read the remaining Units we will cover to them and asked how they felt about these topics. Most were at this point enthusiastic to keep expanding their learning as their goal to be hairdressers and make-up artists outweighs their fear in a learning situation! A couple however, confessed that they were still unsure and gave some examples of mistakes that they felt they had made when learning different cutting techniques. I advised that we would be revisiting these techniques many times over the coming sessions and noted down some examples of the type of cuts causing them problems. I concluded the feedback by congratulating each learner on their hard work and, those who achieved it, regular attendance. I genuinely tried to reassurethem that we will tackle any problem areas together. Generally though, the learner’s individual responses advised me that their confidence within the group and their own ability is growing but, some of course, still feel anxious about the final assessments when they come....
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