Dry Ice: Ideal In The Science World

Topics: Water, Temperature, Oxygen, Gas, Carbon dioxide, Chemistry / Pages: 4 (957 words) / Published: Oct 27th, 2015
Dry ice is a solid which is known as the solid format of carbon dioxide which is an odorless gas made by burning carbon henceforth the name .Carbon dioxide is what humans exhale and pants inhale. Dry ice is a very popular experimentation factor this is because of the name which come from the fact that dry ice doesn't melt. The differences among standard frozen water ice is that the standard ice melts while dry ice on the other hand does not. Dry ice also maintains a very vibrant white color compared to that of standard ice which is clear just like water. Another characteristic or factor that is very important in dry ice is the fact that it is really cold. Which also proves that it would have to be very cold if it can resist melting unlike standard …show more content…
It is so very cold that it make your hand very cold which imates a burning sensation which is also why the affection is called a burn not a cold. It is so dangerous that it can even come to the point of becoming a dry ice bomb when sealed. Since it is so dangerous it is recommended not to be touched. You can touch it for a very specific time like 5 seconds without receiving harm. Dry ice has come a long way from industry to experimentation. Dry ice is a very popular science tool in the science world. We can use it for many productive ways for general and basic lif which is why it is also very useful to many other …show more content…
It can keep certain items or foods that are need cool. This is very helpful because it is a good way to save on money because of the natural way of getting cool temperatures for food. It also doesn't waste any energy. It is also especially helpful because it is used to keep food good which us humans need to survive. This is great reasoning because of how cold dry ice is and potentiality of keeping food cold. Another thing that dry ice can help on is cleanliness because it may help clean machines in industry. This so called method is known as dry ice blasting in which they use dry ice to clean food processing equipment. This is very beneficial because we don’t want food that is contaminated as a result of the machines so this adds on cleanliness. The dry ice also manages to decontaminate all of the bacteria on machines to help it be guaranteed for human

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