drugs and effects

Topics: Methamphetamine, Hypertension, Amphetamine Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Uses: In cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, and sometimes hookah. Effects: Same effects as caffeine
Withdrawal: Irritability, feeling ill/sick
Tolerance: Increasing amount intake over a short period of time

Uses: In drinks, (i.e.): coffees, soda, and tea.
Effects: Increased energy, forced wakefulness, and mental alertness. Withdrawal: headaches, agitation, tiredness
Tolerance: Increasing amount taken in over a period of time

Uses: beer, wine, hard liquor, “unwind” for the taste, increase social ability Effects: Females are more likely to experience liver and brain damage after drinking less extreme amounts than males. Alcohol tends to shut down the parts of your brain responsible for controlling inhibitions and making judgments. Impairs memory Withdrawal: discomfort and distress.

Angry, short-tempered, irritable
Tolerance: reduced response to alcohol; more alcohol to feel the pleasurable effects. 1 beer to 3 beers Cocaine:
Uses: medicinal and religious purposes and increased endurance in South America. Used as a surgical anesthetic and other medical uses in 1800s. Early 1900’s treatment for depression and fatigue, added to coke, now it is for recreation Effects: strong euphoric effect, instantly dependent, stronger crash, strain on cardiovascular system, can experience frightening feelings of paranoia and suspicion Withdrawal: since user is instantly dependent, they take more cocaine to overcome crash. Crash lasts longer than high. Tolerance: user can increase tolerance in this drug

Uses: recreational, to speed up body functions and stimulate neural activity. Effects: restlessness, high blood pressure, insomnia, agitation, loss of appetite, and a state of hyper-alertness. Has very stimulating effects Withdrawal: symptoms include- oversleeping, excessive hunger, lack of coordination, shaking and seizures. Tolerance: as with most stimulants, tolerance builds quickly and to get high,...
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