Drug Tests Unconstitutional

Topics: Drug test, Tests, Law Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: November 17, 2012
The Supreme Court recently ruled that random drug testing is constitutional for students who participate in sports or any extracurricular activities. I do not think the Supreme Court should make random drug tests constitutional. Making students take drug tests is just another way for the Supreme Court to dig their claws in peoples’ everyday lives. When you take a drug test you are submitting yourself to be judged. If you refuse, people will assume you are doing drugs, if you take it, you are trying to prove your innocence. The law is assuming everyone is guilty of using drugs, by having random drug tests. I believe you should not punish the innocent with the guilty.

One of the reasons I think taking random drug tests is wrong is because, it is an invasion of privacy. I personally, being in sports and extracurricular activities, would not want to have to take a drug test when I know I do not use drugs. Randomly giving drug tests takes away a person’s freedom and right to say “No”. I strongly believe if you take away that right people will start rebelling against the school and the law. People will stop being in extracurricular activities and playing sports out of fear, being found out or to keep their privacy.

If students start rebelling, the school will lose a lot of good players and participants. Either they will quit or their parents will take them out, because not only are the kids being put on display but their families as well. By losing an abundance of participants or players the school will get a bad reputation. Sports and academics are the two most important things at our school. As small of a thing as taking random drug tests is, it could mess up the order of the school.

Some people might think it is needed to weed out the innocent and guilty, but there are ways of getting around drug tests. You can use another person’s pee or you can use an ointment to mask the drugs, there are probably many other ways. Also no test is one hundred percent...
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