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Dress Code Guideline

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TCS believes that its employees are representatives of the Organisation, and their dress, grooming, and personal hygiene is a reflection of TCS to the outside world. TCS has defined guidelines for Dress Code so as to ensure that an employee’s attire at work is appropriate at all times, that makes colleagues, clients and suppliers comfortable during their interactions with the employee and also builds up their confidence in the employee’s ability to deliver quality services. Moreover, a standard Dress Code guideline provides an equalising factor for people of different ages and at various levels of the corporate hierarchy.

This guideline has been formulated taking into consideration the varying cultures, ages, health, and tastes of the Global community in which TCS operates.
To address an employee’s need for individual expression and improve employee morale, the Dress Code guideline also has a provision wherein the formal dress code is relaxed and Business Casuals are permitted on specific days of the week.

The purpose of this guideline is to present a consistent, attractive and professional image of TCS, both within and outside TCS.

This guideline is applicable to:

All Full Time Employees, Business Associates, Contract Consultants, Academic Interns and ACE Associates of Tata Consultancy Services.

1. General Provisions

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a. All employees are expected to adhere to the Dress Code guideline, when at the workplace (both during and beyond official working hours).
b. Workplace for the purpose of this guideline includes:

TCS Offices


Client Offices


Any other location where the employee represents TCS

2. Guidelines for Dressing
a. TCS expects its employees to dress in accordance with acceptable standards of good taste, including being ‘neat’, ‘clean’ and ‘well groomed’ at all times. b. Employees are encouraged to take pride in their appearance. Clothes should be neat and well pressed. Body hugging clothes should be avoided.


Employees are not allowed to wear any kind of visible body piercing other than pierced ear or nose rings.

d. There are different Dress Code Guidelines applicable depending upon the day of the week. -

Mondays to Thursdays employees should wear “Business Formals”


On Fridays or last working day of the week, employees may wear “Business Casuals”.

Refer to Appendix B for Guidelines for Business Formal and Business Casual Wear. Note: The Friday or last working day of the week dressing guideline is also applicable on holidays (as per TCS list), Saturdays and Sundays.

3. Personal Grooming and Hygiene
a. Some guidelines for personal grooming are provided below: -

Hair has to be clean, combed and neatly trimmed


Side burns, moustaches and beards should be neatly trimmed. An unshaven and unkempt look should be avoided


Excessive use of makeup should be avoided

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It is a good practice for smokers to...
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