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Topics: Advertising, Coca-Cola, IPod Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: December 19, 2008
Considering the effects of advertising on consumers, there are a few risks that advertisers take in placing advertisements on MySpace. One risk taken, Advertisers may try to minimize information about the product. Now that means the consumers or people on MySpace that see this ad, are not getting the full run down on information that they need to distinguish whether or not the product is a need to them or not. Another risk on advertising on MySpace is to modify the nature of the communication media where it is shown. For instance on MySpace, when they advertise a new movie, they like to re-design the background so that it grabs your attention. Now the bad side to this is that, when you make an annoying background, people aren’t going to sit there and want to look at it. The frustration of the mixed colors and things moving all over your screen is a turn off to most people from my experience. What kind of people or personalities might companies try to appeal to by advertising on MySpace? Well that’s a pretty easy question to answer, Teenagers. If you have noticed on MySpace, it’s not advertisements of a new movie, its more than likely advertisements of music artists. For example, I have recently checked out the main home page of MySpace and all you see over it is a bunch of Rap Stars, Pop Stars, and Hip Hop artists. Most of the artists they are advertising are the famous ones such as Akon, Justin Timberlake, and Ludicrous. These are names of most of the top music brands that Teenagers in high school are listening to at the time being. You very rarely see advertisements for adults on MySpace because it’s more run by the lower and upper teens over populating it. Not saying that there aren’t any adults on there but, most are teens on MySpace and it’s a really big area to advertise if you want to get their attention. Most big Movie Businesses and Music Labels have already started advertising there big movies and song artists. The MySpace environment, will it make it...
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