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Sami Riley

Unit 1: Developing skills for a performance.

Contents page:
Title| Page number|
Key skills and experience| 4|
Introduction| 5|
Singing lessons and vocal warm-ups| 6|
Posture| 7|
My 4 chosen skills to improve | 7|
Health and safety| 9|
Unit 1 week 1| 9|
Research Pocahontas | 10|
Research Mulan| 11|
Research Les Miserables| 13|
Evaluation of week 1| 14|
Targets for next week| 15|
Unit 1 week 2| 15|
Evaluation of week 2| 17|
Targets for next week| 18|
Unit 1 week 3| 18|
Evaluation of week 3| 19|
Targets for next week| 19|
Unit 1 week 4| 19|
Evaluation of week 4| 20|
Targets for next week| 20|
Unit 1 week 5| 20|
Evaluation of this week| 21|
Targets for next week| 21|
Unit 1 week 6| 22|
Evaluation of week 6| 22|
Targets for next week| 23|
Unit 1 week 7| 23|
Evaluation of week 7| 24|
Targets for next week| 24|
Unit 1 week 8| 24|
Evaluation of week 8| 25|
Targets for next week| 25|
Unit 1 week 9| 25|
Evaluation of week 9| 26|
Targets for next week| 26|
Unit 1 week 10| 26|
Evaluation of week 10| 26|
Overall evaluation of unit 1| 26|
Appendix 1:Initial skills audit| 29|
Appendix 2:Skills audit for unit 1 objectives| 31|
Appendix 3:Skills audit for unit 1 what I can/can’t do| 32| Appendix 4:Health and safety| 33|
Appendix 5:Warm up research| 35|
Appendix 6:Vocal strain research| 36|

Key skills:
* Leadership skills: by organising vocal starters and vocal warm ups for my singing lessons, and choir, I have been permitted to take control of a small group of singers which has helped me to obtain leadership skills. * Communication skills: by helping out in lessons around school I have been able to improve my communication skills. I find it easier to speak and sing to both large and small groups in formal and informal settings without problems. * Team work: I am able to work well as part of a team and on my own and find working in a group just as beneficial to my learning as on my own. * Organisational skills: I am very organised and this will help me when I am writing up my work and when I am practicing my skills.

I have taken been taking singing lessons since the age of 13 and have been a part of my college, middle and primary school choir since the age of 11. I have a Mezzo Soprano vocal range and during my singing lessons I have learnt how perform vocal warm ups for example scales and arpeggios and how to control my breathing so that I find it easier when I get to the higher end of my vocal range. I have taken part in the school choir performing in assemblies, prize giving events and in church. For the past 4 years my singing lessons have even me the opportunity to perform different types of music including musical theatre to which I now have a strong love of and to perform in talent shows as well as summer concerts on my own and as part of the choir.

I have been allowed to teach the younger members of my singing group, how to warm their vocals up by doing exercises before they sing, this has helped to develop my leadership skills and my communication skills, and also given me a responsibility that I have greatly benefited from. In my singing lessons I have sung songs from many genres for example: musical theatre, rock, pop, hip hop and more classical songs this has introduced me to different styles and techniques that are out there.

On a personal level this project will enable me to work with piece’s that I usually wouldn’t come across and consider to be challenging and will challenge me as a performer in areas that I wouldn’t usually access. It has also made me more motivated as a singer to do well and to learn as many techniques and styles as I can.

Being part of the chorus in our school production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was also an eye opening experience as some of...
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