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Topics: Labour economics, Employment, Economics Pages: 4 (1030 words) Published: June 18, 2015
Claire Battle

Literature Review
CIPD 7RTM Resourcing and Talen Management.


Focus of the literature review
Use bullet points for focus points.

Reference age of the document
Critically evaluate
Examples of critical analysis
Use “this is good because” “this doesn’t work in the organisation because” Use Management reports – reference.
Use third party
Statistic – use google
Generational differences
Diversity management – resourcing strategies
Talent Management – how should we manage talent? (ensure part time workers are included in talent management Process codes of conduct (ACCAS CIPD and REC)
Talent Planning succession planning short term and long term (Are opinions credible , does it add value to the organisation ) 6 learning outcomes

1 Analyse the major features of national and international employment markets from which organisations source staff and how these markets evolve or change Ways in which employment markets vary and the implications for organisations; current and future demand and supply of skills; identifying and assessing the role of employment market competitors; key national and international employment market and demographic trends. There is little doubt in my mind that employment markets both national and international are changing and evolving constantly, influenced and affected by factors such as: Changes in educational levels of populations – The National Literacy trust report of 2010 demonstrated that there has been a rise in overall literacy (in the UK) of 10.34% from 1999 – 2009, and statistics from Trading Economics indicate a 9.51% rise in GNP per capita in the same period (2) and average salary have risen by 10.40% in the same time period (3). Growth or decline of economies – for example Ireland’s unemployment rate pre 2005 was 4.4% average but in 2014 the seasonally adjusted rate was 11.2% following a disaster in their economy. We have seen a similar story in Span, Greek and...
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