The Advancement of Women and Minorities in the Workplace

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The Advancement of Women and Minorities in the Workplace
HR 491 Senior Seminar in Human Resources Development
Park University

Within any organization there is a chain of command. Someone always out ranks someone else. In today’s workplace, issue like discrimination, harassment, and racism, are subjects that we as employees don’t want to believe are happening, and more so, hope they never happen to us. Over the past couple of decades, America has come a long way to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity for progression. Unfortunately, for those of us who are not naive enough to believe that this is always true, issues like these do happen. The glass ceiling, for example, refers to a level within the managerial hierarchy beyond which very few women and minorities advance. This is the invisible barrier that prevents women and minorities from moving up in the world. The Hispanic population is estimated to increase by the year 2050 by 24.5 percent. (Vines, 2001) I am a minority and although my goals are to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource/ Management and becoming an entrepreneur, I want to see more minorities, and yes women, advancing in high position corporations. Many times you see minorities mainly Hispanics especially of the Mexican race working as cooks, janitors, or some type of work that does not take a very high level of knowledge or training. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not want a job given to me out of pity or because a company has to meet their quota of minorities. I want my position to be given to me because I earned it. For this reason I am totally against affirmative action; which is the basically selection on the basis of race, gender, or ethnicity. (Fullinwider, 2005) I want to be hired based on my expertise, knowledge, experience and educational background. The following paper will cover this hard-hitting topic as it relates to the workforce and examine its anticipation to the need to change, the impact on a company, various advisor’s considerations, methods in overcoming resistance, the institutional timelines, and some strategies needed to accomplish the change. One of the manager’s most difficult tasks is initiating a change and/or renewal within the organization. As a manager, you must be sensitive to changes in markets, products and competition and be aware of the need for an adaptive and flexible organization. The first step in the change process is an awareness that a problem exits. For this reason, I feel that many times, though the use of an external professional managerial improvement is a good idea in helping a unit deal with this issue. An outsider to the company can look at the company in a way that no one within the organization can. In a sense, they would be looking at the problem from the other side of the fence. They can act as a facilitator to promote team problem solving and collaboration, and encourages such values as trust, openness, and consensus. The external source is not put in a political or power type of position, but instead acts as a mediator with the companies goals of diversifying the workforce as his or her priorities. The Hispanic population is growing rapidly and I hope that most take advantage of programs that are willing to teach English, how to prepare for a job interview, and even how to write a resume, so they can advance and prosper in today’s business world. Neither Hispanics nor minorities in general should expect for firms to wait on them, instead they should take advantage and progress to represent many factors such as; hard workers, trustworthy and loyalty. Not to brag, but I feel as though I represent these key factors and more as evident by my desire to further my education and the drive to broaden my knowledge in the Human Resources/Management field. With all these traits, as well as having some what should be called seniority, shouldn’t I be a prime candidate for more of a management position...

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