Dove: the Evolution of a Brand, Case Study

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Dove: The Evolution of A Brand
Case Study

Before Unilever transformed Dove into an iconic Masterbrand, it was a functional, recognizable brand. In order to market a new product to consumers, Dove had a competitive advantage. Introduced as a revolutionary form of soap, Dove swept the market in 1957 when it launched its beauty bar, a new formula. The beauty bar removed Dove from the cognition given to a regular bar of soap. It was not ordinary soap, which was now “old-fashioned”; it was a beauty bar that had the ability to moisturize and cleanse while eliminating the usual irritation and dryness received from toilet soap. This differentiation enabled brand awareness for Dove. Dove immediately identified itself as an honest, natural, and authentic brand. Dove created a story of a functional product with various added bonuses distinctly different from brands before it. Dove immediately captured important brand elements. Using a simple dove as its symbol contributed to the recall of its brand name. The basic colors, white and blue, displayed cleanliness, purity and innocence; these attributes gave customers the ability to recognize the brand as natural and honest. The spokes models also displayed natural beauty, while the taglines such as “Dove creams your skin while you bathe” provided functionality with a sensory, luxury feeling. Original advertisements and publicity provided an abundance of information to consumers. This brand was offering the effects of soap; however, it was different because it was milder and one-quarter cleansing cream. Even the shape of the bar was new; it was “sculptured to fit the hand”. The ads used buzz words like “rich, moisturizing, creamy, sensational, and lather” to give sticky associations to the product. To continuously provide separation from its competitors, Dove never referred to the product as soap, “because it was technically not soap at all”. These efforts provided the market with an attractive framework of...
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