Does Advertising Manipulate Us?

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Psychology, Cognition, Critical thinking / Pages: 2 (333 words) / Published: Aug 5th, 2013
Aim of this paper is to discuss the question whether advertising manipulates us to buy things we don’t actually need. In other words, we would like to debate the issue of the impact of marketing and advertisement on our rational thinking and decision making process.
Based on various examples, we would like to show that the statement can be proven to be true. We believe the statement can be denied only by either using different definition (understanding of advertising) or by argument that advertising manipulates only several groups of people that are vulnerable to be manipulated. Nevertheless, the previous statement only supports the validity of the statement. Man can argue that the behaviour of the people depends on the individual personality, economic condition and the way a company advertises their product and the discount offers given to the product.
Our point is, that there are various advertising techniques with various targets. Another big question is how can we judge what kind of goods and services are necessary, and which good is bought only to show-off among their friends and relatives? What is a need, and what is just a will?
This paper will argue the manipulation via marketing exists and the advertisement is making us to buy things we do not actually need. We want to support the statement by using real examples, that are divided based on the common psychological effect or methods used to manipulate people’s mind. We would like to stress the importance of psychology which is seen as a main tool used by advertising companies. Only via careful use of psychology are marketers able to create touching advertisements.
To create advertisements, that touches our minds, our senses and feelings that push us to buy things.
Our work takes into consideration both perspectives of the issue and support or disproves the statement and ideas that are discussed below.
To discuss the main points, it is crucial to define and

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