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1.1 Preliminary Study

A school is incomplete without a registrar. A registrar is an official in an academic institution (a college, university, or secondary and primary school) who handles student records. Typically, a registrar processes registration requests, schedules classes and maintains class lists, enforces the rules for entering or leaving classes, and keeps a permanent record of grades and marks. This is very essential because the information of the students is filed here. All schools must have a registrar department. Elementary, High schools and universities consist of this department. In elementary and high schools, the information of all enrolled students must file in the registrar office. All the grades and the subjects enrolled by the students or simply the Form 137. This is the transcript of records of each students that only registrar department can hold. While in the colleges or universities, the registrar holds the records of the students both regular and irregular students. The process is the same with primary and secondary schools.

1.2 Background of The Study
From simply Novaliches Elementary School, how Rosa L. Susano Novaliches Elementary School turned out to its name today is worth mentioning. Like most schools, Rosa L. SusanoNovaliches Elementary School has its own shares of sunrises and sunsets. Vestiges of the past could still trace on its humble beginnings. Back in 1923, the Novaliches Elementary School as it was formed called, the first saw the heart of Novaliches Bayan, in the so called Poblacion which was a few hundred meters away from its present site. During that time, it already offered a complete curriculum of the elementary level with its seven teachers. During the last week of October, 1928, a well-known philanthropist Don Tomas Susano Sr. donated a lot area for the school. The 12,000 square meter land was suitable in Barangay Gulod. The buildings occupied by the school today formerly housed the barracks of the Philippine Constabulary then. The original four-storey building had already four rooms which housed Grade III-IV classes while Grade I-II classes pupils were held in rented house nearby. The Japanese-American War that erupted in 1940-1943 momentarily curtailed the normal operation of the school. Niponggo classes were tentatively introduced but it died a natural death during the Liberation in 1945. Later in the same year, the school opened its door again. During this period, it acquired the distinction of being the Central School. The neighboring barrios of Tala,Camarin, Kaybiga,Llano, Deparo and Bagumbong were put under the supervision of the District Supervisor. During the incumbency of Mrs. SimpliciaSalcedo as the school head, Novaliches town was put under the jurisdiction of the Quezon City government. The City-Engineers Office then constructed a Home Economics Building. 1954 ushered in with new principal in the person of Mr. Jose Teodoro. It was during his administration that massive infrastructure took place. Through the help of the PTA, he was able to raise the money for the construction of the Marcos-type School Building. It was through his efforts that another two-storey building was constructed through the help of the then Congressman Eulogio Rodriguez Sr.

From then on, a succession of the principals took place. Each one of them contributed and shaped the school from its modest beginnings to its present progressive state. In 1998, the school reclassified to become School IV owing to its ever-growing school population. In 2002, the Novaliches Elementary School was changed toRosa L. SusanoNovaliches Elementary School to give credit and respect to the matriarch of the Susano clan, the family who donated the land to the school. Presently, the school holds distinction of the biggest school in Quezon City in terms of school population under the administration of a hardworking and output-oriented principal, Dr. Elvira DV....
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