Action Research in Science Grade 6

Topics: Education, History of education, Educational psychology Pages: 13 (3672 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Department of Education
Teresa C. Montellano Memorial School
Balite, Calapan City


An Action Reserach
Presented to Division Science Quest
Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro



Teresa C. Montellano Memorial School

July 23, 2013

This Action Research titled Computer Aided Instruction: Combining Science Education And Entertainment For Ultimate E-Learning Experience is a descriptive-comparative research which will determine the differences and relationship on the levels of achievement and satisfaction in Science and Health 6 of the two groups of pupil respondents consisting of 15 members each when taught using the cooperative learning strategy and computer-aided instruction using the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Courseware in Science 6. The DOST’s courseware has a touch of entertainment while maintaining knowledge and challenge in science lessons. A copy of courseware in CD is attached at the back of this paper. This study is devised to enhance the level of achievement in National Achievement Test items mentioning the concepts of Nervous System, Ecosystem and Energy Transformation. The cooperative learning group will be taught using the conventional approach while the computer-aided group will be divided into three groups and each group will be provided with a laptop or computer unit wherein DOST courseware in Science 6 is installed.. Both groups will have 3 sessions and 3 formative tests right after each session. Each item of the 10-item formative tests will be constructed by the teacher using the multiple choice format. This will be used to determine the level of achievement. Scores will be collected and analyzed. Also, a survey method will be used to determine the satisfaction level of using cooperative learning strategy and computer-aided instruction in the above-mentioned science topics. The result of this research will provide good insights on how Science 6 topics and other sciences could be taught with utmost facility and effectiveness using appropriate teaching methods. Chapter I


Background of the Study
Computer technology had reached popularity in all sectors of society. People in all walks of life have been talking about the uses of computers in the business sectors, industrial firms and in private and public offices. Moreover, computer technology and electronic networks are already made their way into classrooms.

Nowadays, computer has become a natural part of students and teachers’ lives. It is possible to acquire information, multimedia presentations, and interactive activities using the computers and internet in Science education. Students and teachers utilize computer at school and at home for school work, specifically in writing reports, preparing presentations, homework, researches and surfing the internet. Due to modern technology, the demands of many people vary but these are still attained. Complicated tasks become easy and faster to accomplish through the emergence of computers. In the Philippines, computer literacy has been one of the thrusts of the government through the Department of Education and some private institutions. At present many schools, both high school and elementary, are now using computers in the delivery of lessons. This is being called the computer-aided instruction (CAI). Several researchers have already seen the advantages of CAI as a way of solving the problem on individual differences of students in learning. Additionally, CAI provides interactive lessons and can illustrate a concept through attractive animation, sound, and demonstration. They allow students to progress at their own pace and work individually on problem. Computers provide immediate feedback, letting students know whether their answer is correct. However, learning setting is...

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