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A variety of films were viewed in class over the course when the semester started. This assignment analyzes the significance behind 4 of the many films viewed and talk about the issues faced, the effects on the international business/trade, and what solutions we can do to solve the problems that were faced in the film.|

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Video Analysis # 1

Megacities are a documentary that was created by BBC which was hosted by Andrew Marr. Megacities take a revolutionary look at the places where most of us live: the modern Metropolis. Megacities focuses on the single aspect of a city's infrastructure which best informs the life and functions of that place [2]. Each city is examined as an organism: living, breathing, and growing. In order to survive, these infrastructures must each function independently, and yet blend into a harmony of man, machine, strategy and system, which defines it as a mega city [1]. Megacities examine the infrastructure of eight iconic locations around the world: Las Vegas, Mexico City, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Mumbai and New York. This documentary also talks about the metropolises like Dhaka which is the world’s fastest growing city but also home to poverty and disease, Shanghai which is the business capital of the world with over seven thousand billionaires but suffers from a land issue, Tokyo which is the biggest metropolis home to over thirty-three million people but also the loneliest city in the world, Mexico City which is full of culture but is also the most dangerous city in the world, and London which is the oldest metropolis in the world but has fallen behind the other metropolises due to terrorism and riots [1].

This documentary talks about the metropolises just like Dhaka which is known as the worlds fasting developing city. However, this city also homes many people who live in poverty and disease. Shanghai is the business capital of the world with over seven thousand billionaires, however, this does suffer from land issues; Tokyo is also the biggest metropolis which homes over forty million people; Mexico City which is full of culture but it is also the most dangerous city in the world; London which is the oldest metropolis in the world has fallen behind the other metropolises due to terrorism and riots [3]. Megacities is a documentary that gets up close and personal with each of the five major metropolises showing the viewer the pros of each city along with the daily problems they face [3].

This documentary is very important because megacities are constantly making mistakes; they need to learn from the mistakes these metropolises have made and avoiding them. As urbanization and the population grow many cities will be given the importance of cities like London due to the expansion [4]. Megacities are being created every day and it is estimated that by 2025 Asia alone will have ten megacities. With this rapid expansion the UN has also estimated that by 2030 the current urban population of 3.2 billion will rise to 5 billion which would mean three out of five people would be living in cities. However, there is a lot of homelessness in megacities and by 2030 it is estimated that over 2 billion people will be living in slums [4]. The megacity is one of those ever-changing concepts that both contains pros and cons. However, today, it brings light to the cons such as a metropolis.

Issues Faced:
In this documentary, each megacity has its own daily problems that they have to try and overcome. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is one of the largest metropolitan areas...
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