Do video-games influence violence?

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There's too much of it, but where does teen violence come from? Some studies say movies, other say TV shows, but most of them say video-games.

When a dad or a mom sees the news and they says that the killer played violent video-games, they just take of shooting games for a week and then they forget about it.

If parents are just going to do that what is the difference?

"There's an association, but it's not a very robust one." says Katherine Newman author of books about the topic. 75% psychologists say that it does, 10% is still deciding and 15% is against.

Most of the teens are against, most of the parents don't care, society also doesn't care.

What do you think?

A few months ago in Washington D.C a man called Aaron Alexis, entered the navy yard and shot people that worked there, killing 13. The FBI investigated his house and found violent games, opening a closed scar.
Do video-games influence violence?

"Aaron was peaceful person, and never targeted or hated none of his bosses." according to Aaron's friends, but he was diagnosed for mental disease.
"Video-games mostly influence people with mental disabilities. Your mind and your background directly influences if you would do something like that.” says neurologist Daphne Bavelier.

Imagine that you suffered bullying your whole life, your parents divorced or dead, friends you have none. These are the backgrounds of people that attack schools or do crazy violent things.

90% of kids in the world already played some kind of video-game and most them became violent, so why do cases like the navy yard shooting happen?

It’s scientifically proved that people who play strategy games, do big life decisions 25% faster than a person who doesn’t. It’s also proved that people who play video - games can do 6 things at the same time without messing them up. So video-games can have a good effect in your brain.
“That’s because they came from good homes, aren’t victims of

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