Do Video Games Cause Behavior Problem

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Nicholas Persaud Persaud,1
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March 9, 2011

Do Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

Video games do cause aggression. The most games that cause aggression is games rating with M for mature games. About 90 percent of U.S kids from ages 8 to 17 play video games usually show more aggression after play a violent video games. Everyday odds are you are going to have more aggression while playing a violent video game with the Rating M for mature or higher. Even though video games are a big part in teens. Some parents are noticing there teens are getting and having more violent behavior problems.

There was a lot of attention to video games and violence because people found out the shooting at Columbine High School with the two teenagers were a result of the two teenagers play a violent video game called DOOM. And there is more articles on kids with violent behavior and there link to a video game with violent that made them do these things. Sometimes kids who play violent video games for the first time usually is the one with the most behavior problems. When a kid or a teenager play there first mature rating game they encounter violence and aggression. Then they break things, and they might even hurt themselves.

Violent video games have been around for a very long time. The first violent video games were DOOM. Mortal Kombat, and Death Race. But the most violent video game of all time is Grand theft Auto (the whole series). Grand Theft Auto is violent because is has use of language, blood, and adult

contents. And you can only buy it if your older then 18 and you must show your ID's. But the biggest part is parents buy the games for there kids not knowing what the game has inside. And this is the reason why violent video games get to younger kids and teens.

There are pros and cons about video games. Some of the pros are that is increases visual acuity, which means your eyes and sharpen and you can see better. And another pro is that it increases problem and logic solving skills, which means you understand things better. Plus if you are play the system the Wii people get a reasonable workout, which means you get exercise from playing video games. It increases the attention span of a kid or teen, which means they are paying attention and can concentrate more and what they are doing. But the biggest pro is that video games is that they are fun.

The cons for playing video games is that some people become addicted to it and they do not do there homework, eat, and they don’t exercise. And video games can give false expectation on life, as in real life if you die you can't come back to life. Some people become insensitive to violence which means they don't respond back from violence. Some people may thing that just because there characters in there video games are taking drugs, getting drunk, and smoking might not affect them but its a video games and in real life these things affect you. Lastly, they turn your eyes red and you have to wear glasses if you play video games for to long of a time.

They say that you are always active while playing video games. The way that your always active is that when your character kills someone or commit a crime he or she gets an award. But if you would do something like this in real life you would go to jail. That’s why when you play video games for a long time you get addicted and you want to do things that the characters do in real life instead of keeping it in the game. That's why violence in video games are bad.

The popularity of video games with the rating M for mature is increasing and half the world plays these games. And in some games 70 percent of the games is based on drugs, violence, and adult
contents. The violence is often brutal and degrading to women. In the most recent studies scientist found that playing video games can cause violent patterns in the brain. Some scientist...
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