Do Different Brands of Popcorn Affect How Many Kernels Pop?

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Do different brands of popcorn affect how many kernels pop?
The grocery store shelves are filled with many varieties, sizes, and brands of the same item. There are numerous kinds of popcorn, large and small, produced by different manufacturers. Some people choose products based on need, some base their decisions on price and some base their decision on quality or brand loyalty. With all of these options it can be difficult to choose. You may want to save money but at what cost? In this experiment we will determine if generics are equivalent alternatives or if we really get what we pay for. (Bautista, 2006)
Project Design Plan
Testable Question: Does name brand popcorn will have a better ability to pop than generic popcorn?
Independent variable- Name brand and generic popcorn
Dependant variable- Time and temperature
By changing the time and temperature we change the ability of the popcorn to pop. If the temperature is too low or it if the time is too short then the popcorn will not pop at all.

Overall Project Plan: Two types of popcorn (name brand and generic) will be popped for the same amount of time and temperature to see which one pops better in 30 seconds. Then, the unpopped kernels will be counted and recorded. The one that pops better will have fewer totally unpopped popcorn kernels left.

Revelence: With all of the options of popcorn it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. Does a person sacrifice savings when buying generic for quality? In this experiment we will determine if generics are equivalent alternatives or if we really get what we pay for.
Many different brands and types of popcorn are available on your grocer’s shelves, such as Orville Redenbacher, Pop Secret, Cousin Willie’s, and a generic grocer brand, all offered in light, regular, and butter. All of these brands claim different slogans and catch phrases in order to sway the consumer into purchasing their product. Our goal is to cut through possible false

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