INT1 Task3

Topics: Popcorn / Pages: 6 (1810 words) / Published: Jun 3rd, 2015
Which Popcorn Brand would give you More Popped Kernels?
By: Sheneater Jackson-Reese

Project Design Plan
Popcorn is one of the snack foods you will go to eat at the theater when watching a movie, or when you are at home doing movie night with the family or friends. Popcorn was also used to make different decorations all the way back to the 4700 B.C. If you don’t microwave your popcorn enough, then all the kernels will not pop and you would not have much popcorn to enjoy. If you pop the popcorn too much you would end up burning the popcorn. Different brands of microwave popcorn you have to cook at a different timeframe, so you can get all the popcorn you can out of one bag. But the question I am going to prove is which brand of popcorn would give you more popped kernels.
Literature Review
Each brand of popcorn has different vary of time to microwave popcorn. Different people have done different times, and different microwaves watts in order to determine the right time to take out microwave popcorn. Popcorn kernels have a very hard endosperm with a small amount of moist starch in the center. When heated, steam created inside the kernels, a moist center causes the kernel to expand or pop open. When steam is released in the mini explosion, the kernel is turned inside out and the soft center becomes filed with air. (Isley, 2015)
Chicago TRS did her own experiment at work with co-workers to see who can make the perfect bag of popcorn without burning kernels. The time they had was 2min and 45-55 seconds for the perfect bag. ("What is the amount of time needed to make perfect microwave popcorn?," 2014)
In Sean Boyd’s experiment, he used six different types of brand Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, Aldi’s “Corntown”, Act II, Jolly Time, and Pop Secret. He microwave for 2 minutes and 415 seconds. (Boyd, 2015) He thought the more expensive popcorn would have the lesser amount of un-popped kernels, and the less expensive would have the most un-popped kernels. But

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