Distance Learning

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Explaining Distance Learning

Imagine you are trying to explain distance learning to a friend. Write a response of 200-300 words to explain how courses work at Univ of Phoenix.

Let me explain the benefits of going online for your classes. Distance learning will definitely stimulate your brain and there is nobody to distract you while you are trying to learn. I didn’t care for the classroom setting because it felt like I was in high school again; but the students got to talk more than the teacher got to instruct.
The threaded discussion is neat. We all get to interact with each other about our thoughts and the course materials. Only the teacher and students in the class can participate. Since I am not a talkative person; this is rather hard for me, but I am doing my best. In the electronic forum we can choose to talk to the whole class and wait for a response or if we need to privately talk to the teacher, then we would go to the individual forum where only he and I can see what we are talking about. When you chat with members on facebook and myspace, it is called asynchronous communication. It means you are not talking to them face-to-face. The feedback lets us know how we did on the assignments we’ve turned in and corrects us where we need it. Online we can access our classrooms, check our grades, turn in our assignments, and interact with others. Plus, in the University of Phoenix library if what we need explained isn’t clear enough; I get on the internet and type a question in Google or Yahoo Search for a better explanation. There is so much information that we can get off the internet. And after all that, there is the participation grade, which grades us on how often we participate in class discussions. Which is hard for me because I am not a social person. So far though, I’m glad my brain is being stimulated. I truly enjoy learning!

Create a list of the forums in a typical University of Phoenix online course. Indicate which forum you

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