Discuss Research Into Effects of Workplace Stress

Topics: Illness, Employment, Causality Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Discuss research into the effects of workplace stress (12 marks) A research for workplace stress was conducted by both Marmot and Johnson and Hall. Marmot researched effects for low control and whether it was linked to more stress. Johnson and Hall researched high workload to stress. Marmot conducted an investigation with participants from London – based government civil servants, and the studies are therefore referred to as the Whitehall studies. Civil employees in London were asked to volunteer to take part in the study. High grade employees were compared to Low grade civil servants. Marmot found that workers with less control were four times likely to die of heart attack than their colleagues with more control. In addition they were more likely to suffer from other stress related illnesses such as cancers, ulcers, stomach disorders and strokes.

The conclusion was obvious, that lack of control seemed to be associated with illness and they recommended that employers gave their staff more autonomy and control. The study showed to be correlational. This is because it can only be said that there appears to be an association with low control and stress-related illness. It cannot be assumed that law control is causing illness. It could be that workers with poor health are likely to achieve the higher grade jobs with more control. For all the more reasons to weaken the findings. Also the research is said to be self-reported. This is because workers filled in their own questionnaire which is inaccurate and eligible for participant reactivity. Also if the workers found out what the researchers are looking to find then the results would be biased and so they may answer the questions accordingly. For this reason the findings of the research may be inaccurate and so will not be reliable.

The investigation that Johnson and Hall did was done on a large scale and they investigated with 14000 male and female Swedish workers. They used self-report questionnaires. They...
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