disavantage & advantage of interent

Topics: Google, History of the Internet, Website Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Internet is probably one of the greatest inventions of the century. Before we have to go to the library to do our research work but now, all we have to do is go to Google and do our research. We can do many things with the internet; we can shop from eBay, chat with your friends in Facebook or Skype, watch videos in YouTube, earn money from blogging, and many more! Internet is really useful and has a lot of advantages, but there are also some disadvantages of using it. Check out this list of advantages and disadvantages of the internet:


1. Easy and cheap communication
Communicating with your friends and loved ones has been easy through e-mail and social communication sites like Facebook and MySpace. You don’t have to pay even a single cent just to chat with them because these services are free of charge! 2. Send small or big files with others easily!

If you have to send a file, for example, a video to your friend who’s living in other country, it isn’t practical nowadays to send him a package with the video cd. Instead, you can send him the video from your e-mail, or upload it in YouTube or other video sharing sites.

3. Loads of information
As I have mentioned earlier, internet has a lot of information that is very essential for the students so they don’t have to buy books or go to the library anymore. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! are always available when you need them. 3. Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the most popular reasons why many people prefer to surf the internet. There are a lot of games to play, videos to watch, and etc. 4. Services
Internet is making our life a lot easier by offering different services like online banking, online booking, hotel reservations, online shopping, and many more! 5. Earn money
Aside from entertainment, internet also lets you earn money while at the same time, enjoying what you’re doing! Like me, I’m a blogger and I love what I’m doing, and at the same time, I earn...
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