advantages and disadvantages of internet

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Nowadays internet is the most common form of communication. It is a worldwide connection of computer systems over a massive network. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to the Internet. First of all internet has made communication very simple, easy and convenient. It is possible to stay in touch with people that you hardly ever see. Moreover internet is a source of knowledge. Anyone could simply open internet and get many information about anything. In other words it is a small encyclopedia about everything in the universe.

Nothing online is trustworthy. Websites that are supposed to be trusted and are supposed to be reliable are not full of reliable information. Even major websites that are run by big and trusted companies are using writing firms to write their websites and the writing firms are simply hiring the cheapest freelancers to do their work for them. It is true that the Internet has made it easier to find out basic facts such as the location of places, but even that information is commonly incorrect. Also some people use the Internet too much and forgot real life contact. It may now be easier to keep in contact with people you know, but it has removed any incentive to visit people. In other words it can be addictive and a waste of time and even money.

Two angles have been compared in both a positive and negative light. Internet can be useful and dangerous at the same time. In my opinion, Treat the information you read online with a high degree of skepticism and you will be alright. It is also a good idea to use the Internet in order to stay in contact with people, as it is easy and convenient. However, do not allow online contact to start replacing physical contact. It is important to strike a balance between the two.
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