Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

Topics: Second language, Foreign language, Study abroad Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Education is the most important thing in life for everyone. Nowadays, lots of young people are concern about studying abroad. This is because the thought of the certificate they’d be getting after they have graduated overseas are much more valuable than the one from their own country. They believe that if they can get a bachelor or higher degree certification of foreign universities, it will be more convenient for them to find a good job. Considering the advantages, it's easy to see why many people dream of studying abroad, but studying abroad also presents several notable disadvantages such as home-sickness that leads to high stress level, spending too much money, and studying in a second language. Travelling to a new foreign country means being apart from your family. Students might developed a home-sickness, which then will caused a high stress-level. Stressing out is bad for studies. Students will not be able to focus on their studies and therefore might lead to failing their papers. Furthermore, students will find it hard to adjust to their environment due to the feeling of insecure since their family are not around to help them out whenever they need it. On the other hand, when students feel stressed out, they tend to find for alternative to overcome their stress such as alcohol or drugs consumption, entertainment, and also love relationship that might distract their studies. All of these are the result of home-sickness, therefore, it is better to stay home and study in your own country and still be successful. Another big disadvantage of studying abroad can be the costs. Studying abroad can be really expensive. First, it will depend on the major and university that the student choose, and then it will depend on the country that they will be living. The currency exchange plays a huge role. Moreover most countries do not allow foreign students to work, so students need to have money before they arrive in the country or have someone from home supporting...
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