Dimensions of Well Being

Topics: Physical exercise, Weight training, Barbell Pages: 1 (600 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Dimensions of Well-Being:
Fall 2014
Terrean’ce Jennings
Reflection Paper

(Knowledge :) I believe this course is designed to educate college students about the basics of weight training and improving weight exercises to strengthen muscles and balance work for a total body workout. My first thoughts going into this Dimensions and well beings weight training class was that it was just be a free weights class that didn’t really count against up for showing up or not, but its more than that. Throughout this course I spend time working on different muscle in my body and making them stronger. I was an athlete in high school so I also spent a lot of time working out, but not knowing which muscles I was working on. Preparing for my first quiz/exam in this class I was told to study all the muscle in the body, I knew some of them before joining the class, but after being in this class in began to have knowledge of all the muscle in the body and how to work on them, by me learning these and how they work I was able to pass the quiz and I gained more muscle by doing the workout made for certain muscles. I believe that knowing this information is important because exercising and working out can have a positive effect on your life and health. (Skills:)In this class some of the skills I learned was on how to do certain workouts right, for example when I’d be doing a bench press set I would have my hands to close together and I wouldn’t really be working on the muscles intended. I also learned how to be able to increase the weight I was lifting and do the same amount of reps and sets without as must struggle. In order to do that I had to research a method called keeping the bar close which involves the bar. In order to do this method I had to start out lifting with my hands closer than average. I also different type of workouts I could do with dumbbells. I learned these by starting off using the workout machines which all come with a description on the different...
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