Digital vs. Film

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21 October 2013
Digital vs. Film

Using the latest technology in photography, to ascertain which format, digital or film is most appropriate for the photography assignment at hand, is the 64 thousand dollar question! (Due to inflation it is now the 64 million dollar question!) By analyzing the pros and cons of each format you will be informed of the vast choices you have to execute and produce your photography workflow. If you were fortunate enough to be taught “old school film photography”, and it is your inspiration, armed with the knowledge of both media, you can bring the characteristics that are special to film to the digital format.

Commentingin his article, ”Digital Myths and Realities,” Darwin Wiggitt, a professional advertising stock photographer, compares the advent of digital photography to a biblical event. “Read any magazine article and you’d think that the digital photo capture is the ‘second coming’- that the photographic history will now be divided into BD (before digital) and AD (after digital) and that AD is the era of creative enlightenment” (Wiggett). When in fact there is a resurgence of film photography on the rise due to digitals short comings.

We will compare the cost of startup and sustaining costs of each format. It would appear that digital is less expensive than film. We will investigate this further.

In an informative article, “Is Digital Cheaper than Film?” by the Virtual Photography Studio, it states: “With a film camera, every time you capture an image, it costs you money. You have to buy the film, develop the film, and you have to print the image. When we were shooting film an accurate cost per image was $1. But with digital, every time you capture an image it’s essentially free. You download your images, either put them on CD/DVD or put it online, and usually only print the images you are paid for.” The article further...

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