Importance of Note Taking at a Crime Scene

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Describe the importance of note taking, particularly in establishing the integrity of the crime scene.
Compare and contrast the advantages of digital versus film photography.

Note taking plays a large role in the investigations of crimes. Investigators should make very specific notes as they will be used for reference throughout the investigation. When the investigator arrives on scene they should immediately start taking notes on the crime scene and the surrounding area as well as take witness statements. Through note take the investigator will be able to record what they see and hear accurately and be as specific as possible. The notes they take can later be used as reference in court, for testimony of witnesses and suspects, and the notes are usually the first account of the crime scene itself.
Digital photography is used more and more these days due to its simplicity and clear pictures. Film photography can easily be damaged in the development stage. If a technician accidently smudges the film it will alter the appearance and will not be useful later. However, film photography is much easier to blow up to a larger size without distorting the image. With digital photography, the larger you make the image the more pixilated it becomes and it can affect the quality of the photo greatly if good equipment isn’t used. Also digital photography is much quicker and less expensive then film photography. With digital cameras it makes it simple for the investigator to see the image immediately after taking the photo so they can be sure they captured what they needed to. It cuts cost severely since there is no need to have it developed it can be viewed and printed from virtually any computer. Also it using digital photography it takes only a few moments to print the photos instead of hours and days that it takes to developed a roll of film.
Investigators and technicians have several options available to them today to make their jobs easier. Through note taking and

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