Digital Multiplayer Disk

Topics: Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Optical disc Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Digital Multilayer disk formally known as Fluorescent multilayer disk is an optical disc format developed by D Data Inc. It is based on the 3D optical data storage technology developed for the Fluorescent Multilayer Disc by the company Constellation 3D. The change of name is due to frailer of the company called Constellation 3D due to a Swiss partner failing to provide finance to run the operation, later Constellation was taken over by a company called D Data Inc who reintroduced the technology under the new name of Digital Multilayer Disk (DMD). DData Inc was later taken over by BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association) a group of leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers, with more than 180 member companies from all over the world. BDA took over DMD because it was direct completion for their Blu ray and slowed down the progress of the DMD project for their Blu ray. Evan though BDA haven’t ditched the plans to launch DMD there was only a slim chance in the near future until Pioneer bought the idea from BDA who done some more work on the DMD. DMD discs can store between 22 and 32 GB of binary information. It is based on red laser technology, so DMD discs and players can be easily made in existing production facilities with little modifications. Discs are composed of multiple data layers joined by a fluorescent material. Unlike DVDs and CDs, DMD do not have metallic layers, so they are nearly transparent. DMDs are coated with proprietary chemical compositions, and those chemicals react when the red laser shines on a particular layer. The chemical reaction then generates a signal, which is then read by the disc reader. This allows for discs to potentially have up to 100 GB of storage space.
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