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Trends/Common Components of Change

By mcholli Oct 14, 2012 403 Words
Wk 3 DQ 1
EDD 721

Identify trends and common components of change theories over the last 25 years. Discuss the similarities and differences of the change theories based on the trends and components. 

One of the change theories that we have seen grow over the past 25 years was the innovative theory. Technology has come along way and as I think back to the year 1987 I can remember that the computers were gradually making a new change as well as that brick cell phones were becoming popular. The company I worked for just moved toward the World Wide Web and I remember several professional development classes we had to attend to get us on board with using this great tool. We had to learn how to use software and at that time we used computers with floppy disks that opened the software for us.

As time progressed floppy disks became cd’s that held information for you to upload on the computer as well as copy information and load it on the cd. Over the years of using cd’s, another change occurred and that was the flash drives that we use to store information and these new drives are small, compact, and can hold more information than ever before. In addition to the flash drives the computers have gotten smaller in size, compact, and capable to do everything we can imagine from banking to completing assignments and posting on the university’s classroom page.

In the late 80’s the company I worked for moved toward creating cell phones and gave each employee an opportunity to get one. The funny thing is that to this day I still have the same cell phone number and I probably purchased 10 or more different phones over the past 25 years. Today the phones are smarter and a computer in your hand because now you can also complete shopping, banking, and a ton of useful things.

The innovative change has prompted changes in organizations to upgrade to computer models, which eliminated jobs for people but made a company capable of creating twice as many products. These changes also prompted students to become computer literate for the sake of future careers in desirable companies.


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