Digital Fuel Indicator

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Imagine this. You are on a highway and suddenly your vehicle stops. To your horror, you find that you are out of fuel. You check the fuel indicator and find that it has gone repair and is pointing to a higher value on the scale. This is a major shortcoming of the ANALOG FUEL LEVEL INDICATOR. This drawback can be redressed by simply switching the indicator to DIGITAL type. Our project deals on this mechanism and helps to explain the process which can be used to show the exact amount of fuel in the fuel tank. This would go a long way in ensuring that the driver is not fed with a false sense of security in the issue of the amount fuel left. This process essentially involves the gauging of height of fuel from the bottom of the tank using a sensor. This output is then fed into an IC unit. This IC unit performs the simple calculation of volume of the liquid and converts it into an equivalent amount in litres. This output is then shown in the display located in the utility area of the vehicle. The power required for the entire set up is very less and be easily supplied by the battery of the vehicle. This fact makes it a very easy circuit to setup. Also, as the whole set up is digitalized, there is no question of mechanical failure or frequent maintenance. If at all any failure does occur, the driver can immediately notice the failure of the circuit as no output value is shown on the display. Hence this is a fail-proof circuit, where the driver is always kept informed about the actual fuel levels.

What makes this a very attractive prospect is its easy and simple design coupled with the fact that there are only few wires and small chip to be introduced newly into the vehicle. Hence, it is an effective, fail proof design which, if incorporated into our vehicles, will prove to be immensely useful.
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