Electric Cars

Topics: Petroleum, Plug-in hybrid, Alternative fuel Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: June 23, 2013
In this essay I am going to be telling you about to what extent electric cars solve the fuel crisis. The critical steps are:
1. Evolve autos from gasoline/diesel to hybrid to plug-in hybrid. 2. Develop a battery that can run 200 miles on a 10-minute recharge. 3. Strengthen Briton’s electrical distribution system.
4. Recharge cars in garages, public places and service stations. 5. Build nuclear power plants to enlarge the supply of electricity. 6. Use all alternate sources of energy, i.e. wind, natural gas, solar.

The key is to describe a new fuel and vehicle system to serve rich people during the 21st century without being dependent on foreign resources The major challenge is to develop a battery system that is small, light and able to be recharged in 10 minutes for a 200-mile capacity, even though most drivers refuel often and do not require that much range. This technology is not available today, but English ingenuity, creativity and invention can make it possible.

The beginning of the electric car is nearly here and once it comes, the world will never go back. There is not a single solution to such a difficult problem but much can be done towards its decision. In order to answer this important question you must first have an idea of where the oil industry is heading. Throughout history there have been ups and downs in the price of crude oil, but now this price has risen to an extraordinary level and is remaining steady. This new price is exactly what the country needs in order to start invention. As electric and hybrid cars become increasingly affordable, the general public will begin to accept them as standard. Therefore, I believe that cars with other fuel sources, such as hydrogen, solar or as I have mentioned above electric, are the best solution to the oil crisis. As more and more electric and hybrid cars enter the market, the price of oil will be driven down due to a lack of demand. Once alternative fuel sources are established, there will be no...
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